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Looking for a way to process his grief, Brandon goes on a road trip across the California desert to catch a meteor shower - but gets derailed by hitchhikers and breakdowns of his old Ford Bronco, whom he affectionately refers to as Jack.

Have you felt the pain that comes from the loss of someone you love? This coming-of-age road trip film aims to capture the feelings that come from the journey of grief, and ultimately, the freedom you find in processing it.

Why this film 

- A note from the Director - 

"This story comes from a personal place. When my grandmother died, I was away from home, and couldn’t make it back until the funeral. Even then, surrounded by family, I found myself unable to grieve. Eventually, I found that by talking with my sisters and my parents, who were also experiencing grief, I was finally able to process my own. This experience bled into my storytelling and became the underlying theme of the film. I know that with all the events of the last few years, people have experienced incredible amounts of grief, and I know many who are unable to move through it. We’re making this film in the hopes that it’s not only a great story, but that it can become a stepping-off point for people to see the light at the end of the tunnel."

-Andrew Koltuniuk

Writer / Director

Our Inspiration

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Our Cast

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Larson Kapitan



Meghen Antonia



Matthew Smaldone


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